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Fifteen Jugglers Software UG

Großbeerenstr. 79

Berlin Berlin 10963

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Data Protection Contact

Engin Kurutepe

Großbeerenstr. 79

Berlin 10963

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Consent Statement


The data that is collected will be used by the Organizer to plan and manage the event for which you registered, as well as email you relevant details about the event.

Event Terms & Conditions


You get to attend UIKonf by purchasing a ticket. We expect you to be nice and abide by the event Code of Conduct ( We reserve the right to exclude you from the event if don’t follow the Code of Conduct.

Full Terms & Conditions

Each ticket entitles the ticket holder registered during the purchase process to attend the UIKonf during the days stated in the purchase confirmation.

The tickets are transferable until four weeks before the event.

The tickets are fully refundable up to 2 months before the event

The tickets can be refunded from 2 months before the event until 4 weeks before the event at 100€ + VAT penalty.

The tickets are not refundable and all sales are final in the 4 weeks before the event.

All participants are expected to observe the Code of Conduct. The latest version of the Code of Conduct is available under

We reserve the right to exclude anybody from the event in cases of inappropriate behaviour against the code of conduct. No refunds are possible in case of such an exclusion.

During the course of the event, we or our service providers might make audio, video or photo recordings of you. You grant us the right to use these recording for commercial and non-commercial purposes by attending the event. Please inform the event staff if you object to being recorded.

Event Privacy Policy


We respect the personal data you entrust us. We do not share this data with any 3rd parties. The data is solely collected with the purpose of organizing a great UIKonf for you.

Full Privacy Policy

We collect the following personal data:

  • Your name, your email and your address for the purposes of invoicing and organizing the event. Opting-out of this will prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to you.

  • We might collect other personal information such as Twitter handle, github username or similar. All of this data is optional and you can opt-out by leaving the relevant field empty during registration and/or informing somebody from the event team during the event.

  • During the course of the event, we or our service providers might make audio, video or photo recordings of you. Please inform the event staff during registration or any time during the event if you would like to opt-out of such recordings.

Event Data Retention Policy


2 years


We automatically delete all your data 2 years after the event you purchased tickets for. Please send a short email if you’d like your data to be deleted before 2 years.