Maamturks Challenge 2019

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NUI Galway Mountaineering Club

Sports unit, Kingfisher, University Road



H91 X53V


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Fionn Delahunty

Tuar Basti

Lacklea Barna


Co. Galway



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I consent that my data will be stored and handled by both and the NUI Galway Mountaineering Club as per their respective privacy policies which can be found on their websites.

Event Terms & Conditions


I confirm that I am free of any illnesses or physical defects which would endanger my life during the walk or cause undue inconvenience to the walk organisers or to other walk participants. Given that I understand the strenuous nature of the Maamturks Challenge, I hereby undertake to accept full responsibility for any injury caused to me or to my property. I also confirm that I am competent at navigation to complete the Challenge I also confirm to abide by the walk rules

Full Terms & Conditions

  • Participants shall present themselves at the start between 06:00 and 07:00 hours.
  • Each participant will be required to have warm, windproof and waterproof clothing, strong boots, a map (or maps) of the route, a compass and sufficient food (including emergency food such as glucose & chocolate) and water.
  • Each participant will be required to have their own map and compass and/or GPS. All participants, irrespective of whether they are a part of a group, are required to have their own maps and compass and or GPS and must be proficient navigating in whitewash.
  • Professional guiding of any type is not allowed on the event. All participants must be self-sufficient and be able to handle any Irish mountain weather conditions.
  • The Walk Stewards reserve the right to refuse entry and shall not be obliged to give a reason for such refusal.
  • Participants MUST follow the designated course and may only leave the walk at a checkpoint after informing a Walk Steward of their intention to do so.
  • Participants MUST obey the directions of stewards at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the walk.
  • Persons participating in the Challenge do so at their own risk. The organisers shall not be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property, no matter how caused.
  • In the event of an accident, participants and stewards shall come under the direction of the Rescue Co­ordinator.
  • There are no dogs (or animals of any kind) permitted on the walk route.
  • All participants must be aged 16 or over and all participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over.
  • Under no circumstances should walk participants interfere in any way with any of the local farm animals.
  • Participants should direct all correspondence to the provided email address for the event –

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12 months


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