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The Open Leadership and Events team at Mozilla would like to send you emails to keep you up to date about our programs and Mozilla. How we handle your info is explained in our privacy policy found at and available in the 'Organizer's Terms' below . Please tick this box to let us know you're happy with this.

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Event Privacy Policy


We use your personal data to administer our event, allow you to access MozFest and our various workshops, sessions and activities, ensure the safety and security of attendees, carry out interviews and surveys during the event and collect images and footage of our event to promote future MozFests and Mozilla Foundation activities. We receive and share data from and with our suppliers, including our event management platform provider, to help carry out this processing, as well as with the media and promoters as necessary to promote MozFest and the Mozilla Foundation. This involves transfers of your data to the Mozilla Foundation in the United States, as operators of the MozFest event. We may seek your consent to send you updates about future MozFests, other Mozilla Foundation activities and events or to ask you to join our MozFest 2023 research cohort and be included in our report participants list. Where we rely on your consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time.

Full Privacy Policy

Our full attendee privacy policy sets out more details of this processing, including details of your data protection rights, including your right to object to certain processing.

A full copy of our Event Privacy Policy is available on our website:

Event Data Retention Policy


At least 2 years following your purchase


We will hold details relating to your purchase of a ticket for at least 2 years following your purchase. We may also hold other information about you where required by law, such as for health and safety or accounting records. In these cases, we will hold information for as long as necessary for these purposes or as required by law, and will ensure your data is reviewed over time to ensure it is not held where no longer necessary. We will retain footage and photography obtained at our events, and any interview input you have provided, for an indefinite period to retain a record of our events and to promote our future events.